When Touring Open Houses, Be Sure to Screen the Host

May 27, 2014

Touring new home models can be a fun and enlightening experience— an excellent way to discover preferences in terms of floor plans and view the latest trends in home building.

Often, when open houses are held in model homes, a host or agent is available on site to answer questions. Sometimes these professionals are licensed REALTORS®. Sometimes they are employed directly by the home builder, and are not necessarily licensed, nor a REALTOR®.

Open House 2What is the difference?
Non-licensed individuals need to have no formal training in real estate practice, nor are they accountable to any regulatory board. Real estate licensees have passed the state licensing exam and must take Continuing Education classes on a routine basis. REALTORS® have met these educational requirements and they pledge to uphold a strict code of ethical conduct. These ethical duties exceed those established by Virginia law.

For the highest standard of integrity and service, be sure to select a licensed REALTOR® when beginning the home buying process. CLICK HERE to search for a REALTOR® by name (please note that they will be listed by their formal name, not a nickname).

Benefits of working with a buyer’s agent
When you engage a REALTOR® as your standard agent, you have a professional advocate working on your behalf. Your REALTOR® can offer you the benefit of solid business experience and training. REALTORS® have access to timely market information, can negotiate solely on your behalf, reduce your stress and save you money.