The Top Five 2014 Home Projects That Yield High Returns

June 6, 2014

MoneyGood news for those considering a home remodeling project this year: every one of the 35 popular remodeling projects cited each year by Remodeling Magazine has seen the cost versus value ratio climb between 2013 and 2014, according to the magazine’s 2014 Cost versus Value Report. Nationally, the ratio increased the most this year since 2005. Rising home resale value is attributed for this overall improvement, offsetting a modest increase in national construction costs.

Below are the top five projects to provide returns on their investments for the Richmond, Virginia region.

Project                                                  Job Cost            Resale Value                     Cost Recouped

Bathroom Remodel                         $14,711                  $16,183                                  110.0%
Entry Door Replacement (Steel)    $1,093                    $1,096                                    100.3%
Garage Door Replacement            $1,430                     $1,428                                    100.0%
Window Replacement (Wood)       $10,234                   $10,156                                  99.2%
Window Replacement (Vinyl)        $9,347                     $9,039                                    96.7%

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